Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30 Mar 10 : Black Shadow

From your eyes , I can see your lie .
I hold your hand , which filled with blank .
My heart is bleeding ,when you are teasing.
I give you everything , but for you it's just nothing.

Is it I'm not worth, for you to say a word ?
Is it everything change , until I'm not worth a cent?
Is it our memory , it just a sad story ?
Give it up , I can't give it up.
Give it up , I can't give it up.
Give it up , I can't give it up.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

26 Jan 10 : Miss

I knew i gonna miss you when i been inform that i going to work at saigon,vietnam . But i never expected that the feeling is so strong until i'm here . The ever 1st time that i stand so long in front of the boarding gate ,and not willing to go in . I knew that when i put my leg into the boarding gate , i only can meet you again after 3 week . Last time whenever i been assigned to oversea , time is like a fuse, short and burning fast, but this time is i was counting down everyday to go back malaysia to see you . So far yet so long .

I missed the time i chat with you , missed dance with you , missed to walk with you at.b bintang ,missed we smoke shisha ,missed the time at look out point ,missed we drink at dolphin , missed we bet together each other , missed dinner at cafe cafe and missed a lot of you and me . I MISSED YOU ..........

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

29 Dec 09 : 2009

Another 2 more days 2009 gonna be a past tense , and 2010 is the year we should start to write in our diary / notebook . So what i have done in 2009 ? well 2009 is a busy year for me , perhaps i should say lot of thing is happened which really unexpected . Thailand , Bali, Bangladesh and Vietnam which i been travel to in 2009 , a year to 4 country for me is hardly happen again in my life haha .(Actually this is what my birthday wishes last year ).

Work , family , still remain the same ,while friend i did knew a lot of foreign friends which kinda new experience for me .In 2009 , i found something which been missing quite a long time in my life , and it's really bright up and color my life .

2010 , another beginning which just like the road , people walk , run , pass by , cross , busy , silent ,stop , stare . Who appear and who disappear , let's wait and see . Happy 2010 ,here hoping ....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

20 Dec 09 : Mee Xao ( Fried mee )

Mee xao is a kind of vietnamese fried mee like malaysia fried instant mee( Maggi goreng), but these not dry as maggi goreng. They provided 2 type of fried mee ,which comes with beef or chicken. Usually i will order with chicken since who know me well ,should know that i don't eat beef .But today chicken is sold out , so no choice have to order with beef . Surprise that , beef is better than chicken haha.

Full with beef , better put some chili sauce before you eat .The taste will be superb.

You can see that drinks is selling every where at the roadside in hanoi .

Address : 29 Bat Dan , Hanoi

Thursday, December 17, 2009

17 Dec 09 : Ciao Cafe

Ciao Cafe in Hanoi is my all time favourite cafe . The food they served is taste nice yet the price is reasonable . The food price range from RM 10- 40 , looking at the cafe environment, in malaysia at least you need to pay RM80-100 for this .

What make me so crazy about this cafe is because this drink "Socola da" = Chocolate Ice. This chocolate is a must drink when u visit Ciao . 30 k dong which equal to RM6. One word Worth !

Sandwich is one of the cafe specialist .

For couple , better go to second floor . The environment just like fine dinning .

Some piece of art inside the cafe . You can see it every corner in the care .

Address : 2 Pho Hang Bai ,Hanoi.

Monday, December 14, 2009

14 Dec 09 : Fly

Took this photo when early flight . How i wish i like a bird , can fly on the cloud , without worry anything , fly to wherever i want . Problem keep away from me ........

Saturday, December 12, 2009

07 Dec 09 : Steamboat

I'm not a steamboat lover , but at hanoi is hardly to find nice steamboat compare to malaysia. In vietnam , usually the steamboat is goes by formula and step , and everything is well served by the waiter, no fun at all . For me , steamboat is freedom . We put whatever we like to eat , mix whatever we wanted . Last week , my aunty organized steamboat at her house , no need talk so much just goes . Ahem , still miss the taste.

yum , yum my favourite fish ball .

My couson testing with my camera , looks like he getting addicted to DSLR soon haha . Whoever organize any steamboat , do ask for me to join :p .